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Modular system of hi-tech luxury loungewith SPA

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Technical features

The modules can be installed both indoors and outdoors, standard size (2x4x2,2 mt), inflatable external structure and internal structure with panels made of mineral powders and recycled polimers, with a dry fix “clap” system, and customized and enviromentally sustainable finishes.

Low-emission systems

Every module will come equipped with a filtering system and air treatment, LED lighting and integrated optical fibre for chromotherapy, aromatherapy system, motion and temperature sensors, remote pressure monitoring system, voice assistant and entertainment system.

Remote Monitoring

The internal remote monitoring system manages the capsule's structure, lighting, security and environmental comfort to ensure maximum safety for its users.

Letfast is exclusive dealer of
iSaisei Corporation
the firm
that projects and realizes
the first
High-Tech Luxury Lounge
for a travel experience never feel before

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