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A brief history of success
LetFast milestones

Since 2015, Letfast Srl has put its experience in real estate, finance and beyond to good use, reacting to global challenges with success.
We are experts in recognising the potential of emerging markets and fast-growing sectors.
Our mission is to create international business opportunities in every sector, we have moved from real estate to investing in traveltech innovation.

Since 2022, Letfast Srl has ventured into the traveltech sector, introducing the innovative Oxigen capsule manufactured by Isaisei Corporation.

Our history

Letfast srl was founded in June 2015 in Parma and since then its mission has been the scouting of business opportunities worldwide.

Initially it operated in real estate, later in finance and reacted to the new challenges caused by pandemic and geopolitical instability with the continuous search for new markets and sectors.


Since 2022, it has been heavily involved in the traveltech sector by acquiring the exclusive marketing mandate for the innovative Oxigen capsule, now produced by the Isaisei Corporation.

Our Milestones


Interest in the traveltech sector with acquisition of exclusive commercial mandate for the Oxigen system


Research, study and incubation of business projects in various fields


Development of algorithmic trading platforms


Investments in real estate renovation projects in Leipzig and Dresden


Investments in venture capital funds. 

Foundation of Letfast srl.

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